Technical Support

At Drive Square, we are committed to ensuring that your simulator runs smoothly, as our common mission is to reduce crashes, enhance road safety and save lives.


For first-time users of our simulator, we strongly recommend hands-on training to ensure a seamless setup and optimal performance.

Free Training at Our Northern Virginia Facilities

Training and re-training sessions are available FREE at our facilities located in Northern Virginia. To schedule a training appointment, simply get in touch with us via or call: 617-762-4013 x.3.

On-Site Training Options

Should you prefer training sessions at your location, additional charges may apply. Contact our technical support team, and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.


Below, you can find a list of some of our most requested training resources.

How to Run Driving Simulator Events

Whether you are planning to host your first driving simulator event or are resuming your events after the COVID-19 hiatus, please look at the instructions below and watch the videos of actual driving simulator-based events.

How to run a texting while driving demonstration using Driving Simulator

Driving Simulators DS-565 and DS-575 Setup Video Tutorial

DS-565 and DS-575 simulators use wireless sensors. There is no wire connection to a turnplate. Steering sensor is attached to the steering wheel. DS-565 is using metal turnplates. DS-575 is using plastic turnplates. These simulators are typically shipped with Adiona™ simulation software.

Driving Simulator DS-555 Setup Video Tutorial

DS-555 is the original driving simulator with metal turnplates and wired USB-connected sensors. Steering sensor is located inside one of the turnplates. DS-555 Simulator was typically shipped with STISIM Drive software.

How to set up DS-555 wired sensors on lever-less pedals (not applicable to wireless sensors)

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