A Better Driving Simulator for Safety Training Professionals

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Drive Square Simulation System™

Driving simulator that allows trainee to drive in a real car on a virtual road

How Does it Work?

The driver sits in the vehicle with its front wheels set up on a pair of turnplates. Sensors track pedals and controls, sending data to a portable computer. The driver wears virtual reality goggles to experience a variety of driving situations in a software-generated view of the road and terrain.

Videos of In-Vehicle Driving Simulator in Action

For Emergency Responders

for Police, Fire, Ambulance.

For DUI/DWI Prevention

for High Schools, Colleges, Military Bases.

For Texting and Driving Prevention

for distracted driving prevention.

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In-Vehicle Driver Training Advantage

Save Time

Test or train your drivers in the field, no need to bring them to a training center.


Easy Setup

Driving simulator can be set up anywhere in under 30 minutes.


Freely check mirrors and look back while using the vehicle's steering wheel, gas, and brakes.



Put your drivers through simulated dangerous driving scenarios in the safety of a parking lot.

Get Your Driving Simulator

Driver Safety

Basic Driving Simulator

For general driver safety education and rehabilitation, providing an affordable option for light vehicles. Training includes vital skills like scanning intersections for pedestrians and vehicles, executing passing maneuvers on undivided rural highways with oncoming traffic, and handling adverse weather conditions to prevent skids, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Subscription: USD $850/month1
Purchase Price: USD $10,5002
Full Service: USD $1,450/day + travel3

Police Fire Ambulance Commercial Driving

Driving Simulator for Emergency Responders

For training and re-training of emergency responders (Police, Fire, EMT) to minimize incident frequency and severity. It covers essential skills like navigating intersections, using sirens/lights, maintaining lane position, enhancing situational awareness, alerting other drivers, honing risk management, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Subscription: USD $2,450/month1
Purchase Price: USD $35,5002
Full Service: USD $2,450/day + travel3

DUI-DWI Driving

Distracted/DUI/Marijuana Driving Simulator

The Drunk Driving Simulator demonstrates crash risks caused by impaired reactions and "tunnel vision." Texting and Driving demos depict the dangers of distractions. Sessions with observers are conducted. High Schools nationwide embrace it for Prom season events, while other organizations use it for safety and stand-down events.

Subscription: USD $950/month1
Purchase Price: USD $12,7002
Full Service: USD $1,450/day + travel3

Distracted Driving

Driving Simulator for Fleets, Utilities

The Driving Simulator Training session enables participants to learn and integrate essential skills, decisions, and defensive driving tactics for safe driving. Topics covered include negotiating crowded intersections, safe passing maneuvers, handling high center of gravity, managing long stopping distances, skid prevention, and skid recovery.

Subscription: USD $2,100/month1
Purchase Price: USD $27,6002
Full Service: USD $2,450/day + travel3

1US only. A Subscription Agreement with a minimum of six (6) months commitment is required and subject to approval. The latest hardware and software versions are provided for the duration of the simulator use. Operator hands-on training is required. Operator training is FREE at our Northern Virginia office. On-site training will incur additional charges.
2The purchase price includes one year of warranty, technical support, and updates. Additional years are USD $2,090/year for PRO series simulators and USD $1,045/year for EDU series. Operator hands-on training is highly recommended. Operator training is FREE at our Northern Virginia office. On-site training will incur additional charges.
3This full-service option provides a driving simulator with a technician. The technician will set up and operate the simulator at your location for a day, using the latest software. No operator training or technical support is required.

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