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Drive Square and Wegmann USA Announce Cooperation to Create a Simple, Portable and Cost-Effective Driver Training Simulator

New Simulator is “Swiss Army Knife” of Driving Simulation

ALEXANDRIA, VA.--(BUSINESS WIRE) --   Drive Square, Inc., an innovative portable driver training products and services company, today announced cooperation with Wegmann USA, Inc., a well-established US defense contractor, to offer the ultimate in a portable, versatile, deployable, externally embedded driver simulation solution. The new Drive Square solution incorporating Wegmann’s simulation software is the “Swiss Army Knife” of driving simulation training at an affordable price.

The new Drive Square driving simulation solution will be demonstrated on an actual vehicle at the upcoming I/ITSEC conference Dec. 1 – 4 in Orlando, FL.

Using Wegmann’s software engine, the Drive Square simulator creates a wide range of driving experiences -- from driving school training to Emergency Vehicle Operation Curriculum (EVOC) to military tactical and convoy driver training. It can be used on any vehicle up to 19,000 lbs. on the front axel.

Drive Square’s patent-pending hardware interface works with any vehicle and takes just 15 minutes to set up and take down. Driving ramps raise the front-end of the vehicle being used, which allows users to turn the steering wheel without the vehicle being on. Sensors are attached to the gas and brake pedals so that the driver gets forward and braking capabilities just like during normal driving. To complement the whole experience, the head tracked head-mounted display goggles provide a 360 degree view with a near immersive effect. The system allows for a separate instructor station to be included in the action as well as a separate video display for external observation.

All driving conditions can be simulated, such as night, low light, head on high beam, rain, snow, all seasons, poor visibility due to positions of the sun, dirty windows, glare, fluid dynamics for trucks and many more for a low price, including driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI/DWI).

With the Drive Square and Wegmann USA package users can take the training to the battlefield or to the base. Many different departments can share the technology without the overhead at a fraction of the cost.

Don Kemper, of Wegmann USA Training & Simulation said, "We view the cooperation with Drive Square as an excellent opportunity to deliver our state-of-the-art simulation software technology bundled in a small package, in order to serve organizations and departments with smaller budgets while maintaining the high level realism needed to train drivers in their own vehicles."

Konstantin Sizov, President of Drive Square stated, "The Wegmann USA simulation software gives our platform the flexibility to be used in many environments and reach more customers, while helping provide as real an experience to meet the demanding needs of today’s technology. Why train on mock ups when you can use a real vehicle and reach more students for less money per hour trained?"

"We need to do everything we can to educate our officers on safe driving habits. We have an emergency vehicle operator’s course, but we’re always looking for new technology to try to improve," said State Police Sgt. Daniel Larkin of the new Drive Square simulator solution.

About Drive Square, Inc.

Drive Square, Inc. develops, markets, and sells portable driver training products and services, utilizing techniques adapted from commercial and flight training simulators. The company believes that the application of its proprietary technology to consumer, commercial, military and other applications will substantially improve drivers' skills and reduce crashes, providing significant economic and social benefits. Visit www.drivesquare.com for more information.

About Wegmann USA, Inc.

Wegmann USA, Inc., a well established US defense contractor with headquarters in Lynchburg, VA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW). In the Virginia facilities, Wegmann USA manufactures products and components for the defense industry. Wegmann USA has Training & Simulation facilities located in the UCF area of Orlando, Florida, focused on providing simulation and training solutions in support of the U.S. DoD, other government agencies, as well as commercial industry organizations. Wegmann USA offers a full range of training, simulation, and engineering support services including driver training equipment for DoD, car, truck and rail solutions as well as gunnery tactics and combat simulation systems. For more information, visit www.wegmannusa.com.

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